What is the InBody?

The InBody has revolutionized the field of BIA(Bio electrical Impedance Analysis) and is one of the most advanced products in the market.

The InBody is fast accurate and non-invasive.  By standing on the device for 45 seconds the in body test looks Beyond the scale to show you what you’re made of:

  • Body composition analysis: Body weight is the sum total of body water, protein, minerals and body fat mass
  • Body Fat Percentage – MOST important
  • Visceral Fat – the fat surrounding your organs
  • Segmental lean muscle analysis: Evaluate whether the muscles are adequately developed in the body
  • Your Ideal Weight
  • BMI – uses height and weight to determine this result

Why take the InBody Test?

understand your weight

When you measure your weight what are you actually seeing? Weight alone is a poor indicator of Health because it does not distinguish fat from muscle. The InBody divides your weight into water, muscle and fat.

set your goals

Measuring your body fat percentage allows you to better gauge your health, helping you achieve your health and fitness goals by bringing that percentage down

measure your strength

how much muscle do you have in your arms? your legs? With the Inbody scanner discover how many kg of muscle you have distributed in each portion of your body. See which exercises bring out the best results

manage your fat

Understand the distribution of your body fat mass through segmental fat analysis. Track changes in your segmental fat by observing the changes in fat kilograms and percentages. Visceral fat level show you the fat content surrounding your organs

track your progress

Knowing how much fat and muscle you have is the only the beginning.With your Baseline set continuously taking the inbody scan allows you to monitor and track the changes in your body.