Take a 6 week Journey to your brightest most beautiful skin.



  • Day 1 – Dermafix C-Glow Facial

  • Day 28 – Dermafix Progressive Peel Lite

  • Day 38 – Dermafix Derma Corrective Enzyme Facial


  • Dermafix Melanoderm 

  • Dermafix Brightening Wipes (3 week supply)

  • Dermafix Dermashield SPF40

  • Dermafix Hydrasooth (decanted)


R 3 100


R 2 222


or two payments of R1 160

Terms and Conditions apply

How do I know if the Skin Brightening Booster program is for me?

 The Skin Brightening Booster is for you if you have:

  • Superficial and Epidermal Hyperpigmentation
  • Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation or acne scarring
  • Freckles
  • Actinic keratosis is a rough, scaly patch on the skin that develops from years of sun exposure.  
  • Dark skin discolouration’s
  • Dull skin with uneven skin tone
  • Photoageing

If you are still unsure the best next step will be to book  Skin Consultation with one of our Skin Professional to discuss the best way fwrd. 



Is this a permanent fix for my pigmentation

Treating pigmentation takes time and in some cases multiple in-salon treatments. Epidermal pigmentation may see good to excellent results whilst deeper dermal pigmentation may see fair to moderate results. It is a management and preventative process.

Is this treatment safe for all Skin types?

Yes the Skin Brightening Booster is safe for all skin types given that a 28 day Pre Peel Melanocyte control has been done with the use of Melanoderm and daily sunscreen application(part of the program). 

What are the Contraindications for the Skin Brightening Booster?

Topical or oral treatment with isotretinoin(ro-accutane), sun-sensitising anti-biotics, hydroquinone, active bacterial, viral, fungal, or herpes infection.

If you are prone to cold sores, we advise taking cold sore preventative medication 2 weeks prior to Progressive Peel Lite. 


PAMPER Dermafix C- Glow Facial removes redundant Skin cells. Gives you a supercharged anti-oxidant boost, providing Skin nourishment and protection. Leaving you with a radiant glowing complexion. 45min

PREPARE – Pre-peel Melanocyte control is essential along with the use of a good Sunscreen for the best results.

Your Home Care Peel Prep Kit for the next 28Days will consist of the following:

  • Melanoderm – provides control of Melanocyte responsible for Melanin production. Melanin is a pigment responsible primarily for the colour of your skin.
  • Brightening Wipes (3 week supply) – Offers a combination of enzyme activated Vit C and Salicylic Acid in a unique delivery system to brighten the skin.
  • Dermashield SPF40 

DAY 28

PEELDermafix Progressive Peel Lite is a medium depth peel and makes use of DermaPeel, TCA 7.5%, optional TCA 15%, and Vitamin A Propionate. Progressive Peel Lite offers Skin Rejuvenation and exfoliation. Cell regeneration is encouraged with noted improvement in skin complexion and tone.  Approx. 45min

***Your Skin Care Professional will discuss strict aftercare protocols and what you can expect in the next 10days to take care of your skin and maximize your results.***

What can I expect after the Progressive Peel Lite?

Day 1 – Day of peel: 

After the allocated peel development time (follow recommendation from your DermaFix Skin Care Professional), wash your face with DermaFix Gentle Cleansing Gel only.  Do not apply any further moisturisers, serums or sun protection. Be sure to avoid the sun at all costs.

Days 2-3:

The skin may appear darker on the second day and have a dry appearance. This is normal, indicating that the peel is starting to take effect. Peeling usually starts around the mouth and chin area progressing to the cheeks eyes and forehead. Sun protection is still vital and should play an important role in your skincare routine going forward.

Days 4 & 5:

These days foundation will be difficult to apply. On days 4 and 5 skin will be exfoliating rapidly, this is temporary.

Days 6 – 10:

The skin may still be flaking slightly. Your DermaFix Skin Care Professional may offer to do an enzyme masque on day 10 to help eliminate most of the flaking and peeling.

DAY 38

SOFTEN & GLOWDermaFix Derma Corrective Enzyme Facial assists in raising the skin’s pH to soften skin, helping to draw out embedded topical product residue and impurities. With the increase in vascular activity, it naturally oxygenates the skin, offering a refreshed, smoother and softer skin with a radiant, healthy glow. 60min

Homecare : Hydrasooth to protect, revitalise and hydrate you brand new GLOWING SKIN

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