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Welcome to Serayu Beauty. Home to a Refreshed & Relaxed YOU. At Serayu Beauty, Durbanville your well-being is our focus. Destress and unwind as we pamper you with unconditional care and most importantly, result driven beauty treatments.

Spa programs -

Skin Care Program, Slimming Program

Specialties -

Laser Hair Removal, VISIATM Skin Analysis, EmergeTM Skin Rejuvenation, Permanent Makeup

Treatments -

Facials, Massages, Slimming, Laser Hair Removal, Mani & Pedis, Lashes & Brows, Waxing, Tots & Tweens

Face, body -

Skin Care Program, Mani & Pedicures, Massages, Laser Hair Removal, EmergeTM Skin Rejuvenation

Massage -

Wide selection of super relaxing massage treatments.