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Personalised Skin Solutions for all Skin types and concerns

From Classic Deep Cleanse facials to innovative Skin Transformative treatments, we're here to keep your skin vibrant, happy and healthy

Welcome To Serayu Beauty

Welcome to Serayu Beauty. Home to a Refreshed & Relaxed YOU. At Serayu Beauty, Durbanville your well-being is our focus. Destress and unwind as we pamper you with unconditional care and most importantly, result-driven beauty treatments.

SPA PROGRAMS – Skin Care Program, Slimming Program.
SPECIALTIES – Laser Hair Removal, VISIATM Skin Analysis, EmergeTM Skin Rejuvenation, Permanent Makeup.
TREATMENTS – Facials, Massages, Slimming, Laser Hair Removal, Mani & Pedis, Lashes & Brows, Waxing, Tots & Tweens.
FACE, BODYS – Skin Care Program, Mani & Pedicures, Massages, Laser Hair Removal, EmergeTM
Skin Rejuvenation.
MASSAGE – Wide selection of super relaxing massage treatments.

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