CEYA Non-Surgical Facelift


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CEYA® RF(Radio Frequency)  is a remarkable toning and firming therapy that is scientifically proven to achieve immediate and lasting results. Explained simply, the process uses radio waves to penetrate the body with ‘cold energy’.

To balance itself, your body naturally heats the area by increasing blood flow to the region. CEYA® simultaneously supplies nutrients and oxygen while carrying away toxins and waste. This has the effect of sculpting and toning beautiful muscle while assisting with fine lines and wrinkles.

FOR BEST RESULTS, we recommend a course of 6-10 CEYA treatments. Course treatments are 45-60min per session. 

Treatments should be done as often as twice a week and for even better results 3 times a week. 

The benefits:

  • moisturising treatment for young skins
  • nutrition for mature skins
  • eye bag and swollen eyelid treatment
  • toxin elimination treatment
  • dark eye ring treatment
  • rehydration and volumization of lips
  • cutaneous rejuvenation
  • orbicular treatment, nasal-labial fold
  • expression lines and wrinkles
  • cutaneous revitalization
  • flabbiness and sagging in different areas of the face
  • non-surgical face lift (nsfl)
  • cutaneous imperfections
  • penetration of cosmetic substances
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