Our eyebrow hair can get thinner and sparser as we age. Stress, hormones, over plucking or over waxing the eyebrows can also cause the brows to become thinner. Every day we see people who have thin or fading eyebrows and long for beautiful full eyebrows again. Cosmetic tattooing has been one solution to add the colour and shape back into eyebrows, but often the result can be a little too intense for some people. In recent years, a new technique emerged, Microblading, delivering results that are far more natural looking.

What is Microblading

Microblading is a Permanent Makeup application where hair-like strokes are applied to the brow that mimics your natural hairs, giving you a fuller-looking perfectly shaped eyebrow. Unlike the tattoo guns, micro blades are small bladed hand tool made up of tiny needles that give the artist precision when hand-drawing the strokes on the skin. The procedure is carried out over two sessions during which the Brow Artist will do a full consultation to ensure the correct colour, shape, and design before the micro-blading procedure. This is followed by a second session to perform any touch-ups as required.

Is Microblading Suited For Everyone?

Most people are suited for Microblading, however, a thorough consultation is required to ensure the best possible outcomes. To determine if Microblading is suitable for you, download our consultation form and book a consultation with one of our experienced estheticians.

What To Expect

Some people are a little anxious about pain, however, by applying a numbing cream, the comfort of the procedure is made possible. The first session can take about two hours, and you can return to work immediately. Your brows will look like they have been pencilled and filled in. The second session for touch-ups takes about 90 minutes and will be scheduled in about 6 weeks after your initial session. Your new brows will last between one to three years, depending on the colour and how well the brows are maintained.


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