Are you tired of daily shaving or monthly waxing sessions? If you are tired of battling your body hair and dream of silky smooth skin, talk to us about laser hair removal. We have invested in the latest technology that can treat even darker skin types. Our machine is more effective so fewer treatments are needed, is 75% faster than standard laser hair removal and the best thing of all, no more painful treatments!

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work

Laser technology has revolutionized the results we can achieve with hair reduction and hair removal. The laser works by applying a beam of light over the skin, which the pigments in the dark hair absorb, causing the hair follicle to heat up. This damages the hair bulb, regarding the hair growth. Results vary from person to person and can last for years.

Who Is Laser Hair Removal Best Suited For

Originally laser hair removal was best suited for fair skin and dark hair. With the latest technology, we can treat men and women even with darker skin types. People who have large areas to treat will also benefit because our laser machine is much faster and less painful than standard laser machines so we can treat larger areas in less time and achieve results with fewer treatments.

What You Need To Do To Get The Best Results

We have a few tips that will ensure you get the best results from laser hair removal sessions.

  1. Book a consultation and have a patch test. Every person is different and we need to find the best settings for your hair and skin type.
  2. Avoid sun exposure before and after the treatments to minimize skin sensitivity.
  3. Do not use tanning lotions, spray tan or use a tanning bed before and after laser hair removal.
  4. Do not wax before laser hair removal, we need to target the dark hair for the treatment to be effective.
  5. After laser hair removal, the hair should fall out on its own which tells us the hair is sufficiently damaged. If it does not, it means it needs further treatment, so do not pluck, tweeze or wax the hair. You can shave it if you need it.
  6. Avoid irritants and heat after laser hair removals such as deodorants, perfumes, hot showers, steam rooms or saunas.
  7. Always use sunscreen after laser hair removal.
  8. Finally and most importantly, CONSISTENCY IS THE KEY. Consistent and regular treatments always deliver faster and better results.

Further information: Laser Hair Removal 

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